27 July 2017

Throwback Thursday : Charles Koreman?

The above Carte de Visite (CdV) came from the album of Henry Koreman (1841-1923). Henry was one of my great great grandfathers. Henry had a younger brother Charles (1844-1908) who enlisted in the Civil War but was discharged for being a minor, as can be seen below from the New York State Volunteers 177th Infantry rooster.

Family lore has it that his father, Cornelis Koreman, bought him out of military service only to have him re-enlist later into the NYSV 12th Calvary. The above CdV is of a young man in a Zouave uniform. Brief research finds that Company A of the 177th Infantry was also known as the Albany Zouave Cadets. Although Charles' rooster data indicates that he enlisted in Company E, could his company information be incorrect? And could this be Charles Koreman in a Zouave uniform?

Charles Koreman, NYSV 12th Calvary
The above tin-type is that of Charles Koreman in his 12th Calvary uniform. If this photo was taken near the time of his discharge, he was 21 years old. If the above CdV was taken at the time of his enlistment, Charles was 18 and not 19 as indicated in the rooster. I see a resemblance. Does anyone else?