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  1. Welcome to my blog, Christopher! I am very curious about how you got to it. Is Koreman family family of your's? I see that they have been living in Oosterhout, a small town in the South of the Netherlands in the 18th and 19th century. My father's father's family also was living there at that time. So probably they knew each others. I guess you know where you can find Oosterhout documents in the internet. 19th century documents are mostly in Dutch. Some are in French (between 1811 and, let's say, 1817); others are in Latin. If you have any problems with reading them, please let me know! My email-adress is: Greeting you warmly, Jo

    1. Hello Jo, I found your blog when I was tracing a Koreman line into the present. My mother was a Koreman. My project is to trace all of the Oosterhout Koremans who are related from the past into the present. There are many Koreman lines from Oosterhout. Many genealogies are online for certain Koreman lines. If they are connected/related, I am tying them together. According to my genealogy software, we are 6th cousins. Thank you - Chris