21 July 2017

Cemetery Articles in the Rensselaer County Advertiser

Just checked the mail and received the weekly Rensselaer County Advertiser newspaper and found two articles regarding cemeteries. One good, one bad. The good article posts:

Castleton Public Library Events

  • Cemetery Headstone Cleaning, Tuesday, 25 July, 12 - 1 pm, Meet at flagpole at Mountain View Cemetery (Scott Avenue). An adult must accompany kids under 11.
Castleton Public Library
85 South Main Street, Castleton, NY 12033

Now, the unhappy article which is a letter to the Editor. It reads:

A Plea to Have Stolen Cemetery Floral Piece Returned

Recently for Mom's Day, I bought a beautiful cemetery floral piece for my parent's headstone at Bloomingrove Cemetery. Because I don't have my parents any longer, I still like to remeber them on Mother's Day and Father's Day. I placed the floral arrangement (an artificial one) on the headstone on Mother's Day.

I Went to the cemetery on Father's Day to pay my respect to my Dad. The arrangement was gone! I know it didn't blow away, because it fit rather securely to the headstone.

Anyone who would take a floral piece from a grave site is dspicable! If they wanted it for someone they knew who had died, they are not honoring them by putting a stolen arrangement on their grave site.

I won't replace it to be stolen again. At least I know I did the right thing. My conscience is clear. I'm sure whoever took it doesn't have a conscience. If you have any sense of right and wrong, you will put it back where it belongs.

Xx Xx, Rensselaer