25 May 2017

Throwback Thursday : 1598 Digital Scan

For Throwback Thursday this week, I cropped a digital scan from the marriage records of the Catholic church in Hilvarenbeek, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. The scan is the marriage record of my 10th great grandparents, Walterus Adrianus van Spreuwel and Adriana Adrianus Joannes Tijlmans. They were married on 24 November 1598. Witnesses at the marriage were Petrus Jacobi and Adrianus Nicola van Spreuwel. As of today, this is oldest primary record that I have found in tracing my ancestry; so this is my oldest throwback photo/scan. Without a doubt it is extremely difficult to read!

24 November 1598 marriage record for
Walterus Adrianus van Spreuwel
Adriana Adrianus Joannes Tijlmans