21 May 2017

German Methodists in Albany

A very brief history of German Methodists in Albany follows;

The German Methodists or Albrights originated in New York State circa 1800. By 1860 they numbered approximately three thousand followers with fifteen churches in the state.[1] The German Methodists differed from the mainstream of American Protestantism only in language, while the German Lutherans, by contrast, differed in language and ritual, as well as theological heritage.[2] 

In Albany, the German Methodist Church first gathered at a meeting-house on Rensselaer Street in 1853, most likely at the Albany City Tract and Missionary Society. Soon the congregation met at 86 Schuyler Street, between South Pearl and Franklin Streets, until they sold their church to the German Reformed Church in May 1858. The German Methodist congregation appeared to completely vanish after the sale of their church. It is not known whether the congregation merged and joined with an existing Methodist congregation.

Pastors of the German Methodist Church:
M. Lawer, 1848-50
Augustus Hertell, 1851
John J. Grau, 1852
Jacob Gabler, 1853-54
Schwartz, 1855
F. W. Tingar, 1856-58

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[2] Frederick C. Luebke, “German Immigrants and Churches in Nebraska, 1889-1915,” Mid-America, An Historical Review 50(2): 119.