11 April 2017

Tombstone Tuesday : Early 2017 Project

This will be one of the first gravestone projects of 2017. Now that the warmer weather is upon us; it is back to the cemetery for much needed gravestone work. Below are three photos from different angles of an obelisk that has severely sunk into the ground on one corner.

This obelisk will be dismantled piece by piece from the top down. Joe Ferraninni from Grave Stone Matters will be leading this project. There is another fallen obelisk which he will be helping with. But the other stone is also located at the top of a hill and it has fallen down the hill. To make this work more interesting, a large groundhog hole is only 18" from the obelisk base.

The photo below shows the rear corner of the obelisk base. The front is leaning at such an angle that the rear corner is lifting off the ground. This stone needs attention as soon as possible before it tumbles over and becomes damaged.

Below is a close up on the inscription on the obelisk. No genealogical work has been undertaken on this family but descendants will be happy with the end result of this project when it is complete.

Pictures of the finished product will be posted when complete.