24 April 2017

Albany Grave Digger Helper : Thank You

This post is for my father, Mike White. He has been a regular helper at my various cemetery jaunts for a number of years and this thank you is long overdue. Many of the gravestones that I have worked on are very large and heavy as in a quarter ton or heavier. When working on stones that are this heavy it is best to have a helper. Anything could happen and it would be a little difficult for me to crawl out from under a stone that heavy. This especially holds true when using the tripod hoist. Attempting to hoist a stone, manuever it, and lower it in place is virtually impossible let alone dangerous. While I am the "bull" my father uses the "smart-end" of the tripod system and raises and lowers the stones safely. Below he is in action on a smaller obelisk that we restored last Summer.

By the way, cemetery season is just beginning now. Hint hint. Thank you for all of your help!