28 March 2017

Tombstone Tuesday : Irving Magee Hitchcock

This week's Tombstone Tuesday is on Irving Magee Hitchcock. Very little is known about this individual because he died at the age of four months and eight days from Cholera.

Gravestone of Irving Magee Hitchcock

The child was named after the Reverned Irving Magee, Pastor of the First Lutheran Church in Albany. His parents were James Henry Hitchcock (1834-1886) Caroline Gertrude Ruenburgh (1840-1908); my great great great grandparents. Irving was born on 15 March 1876 in Albany at 198 Green Street.

Irving Magee Hitchcock, Interment card from Albany Rural Cemetery

Irving died on 23 July 1876 and was buried in the family plot at Albany Rural Cemetery the next day. His very small gravestone became dislodged from its original base and for decades it lay next to other family member's gravestones. In May 2015 and new base was cast for little Irving's stone and his stone was mortared in. Barely legible, his stone reads "OUR DARLING."