25 March 2017

Saturday's Society : Deutscher Kriegerverein (DKV)

German immigrants who fought in the Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War established the Deutscher Kriegerverein, or the German Veterans Society, on December 1, 1889.  Members paid dues amounting to $.10 per month.  

Albany Times, 3 December 1889

Gustav Zinserling, the proprietor of the Hotel Columbia, was the leader of the veterans’ group for many years. 

Gustav Zinserling in uniform
Gustav Zinserling

They met monthly at the Hotel Columbia until 1901, then they met at the Grand Army Hall, located at 31 Green Street.

1893 Albany City Directory ad

In 1908 the society moved to its final meeting place- the German Hall.   

German Hall, 48 Beaver Street, Albany

The Veterans’ Society celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary at Shafer’s Grove.  The group had 150 members in its heyday; by 1897 membership included seventy-two members and two honorary members, but by March 1918, membership had dwindled to twenty-nine individuals, and the society dissolved itself after twenty-nine years.[1]

[1] n. a., Geschichte der Deutschen in Albany und Troy, p. 179. Schenectady Herold-Journal, March 29, 1918, 1:2.