21 January 2017

Recent Dumping at the Old Mount Ida Cemetery, Troy, NY

An email was sent to me earlier in the day by another fellow cemetery enthusiast notifying me of a case of very recent illegal dumping of old tires in the Old Mount Ida Cemetery; located on lower Pawling Avenue in Troy.

Pictures of the crime are below. Someone came into the cemetery with a large truck and disposed of upwards of forty tires on cemetery grounds. This story may hit the news media in the next day or so. I was asked to spread the word on this.

It is truly a shame that individuals do this; especially in a cemetery! I am in and out of numerous cemeteries on a regular basis. I have seen evidence of prior illegal activity in many cemeteries but have never stumbled upon someone in the act of desecration. Lucky for them!

The City of Troy will be notified of this. I am told that numerous city officials are not aware that the cemetery is actually city property. Hopefully a city department of public works crew will remove the tires soon.