16 January 2017

Plans for 2017

Although this post is two weeks late... Happy New Year! We are well into 2017. Many plans are being made to "upgrade and develop" this blog to be more interesting and helpful for fellow genealogists. Professional type videos and documentaries are planned.

Presently I am in the process of learning how to use different pieces of equipment such as DSLR cameras, microphones, web cams, mixing board, and video editing software. Hopefully my daughters who are more media savvy than myself will be willing to help with lessons for Dad and production tips.

Yes, this is being done while working full-time and also continuing my own family history research. Another genealogical road trip might be taken. This time perhaps to Wisconsin with some stops along the way.

Cemetery work will begin again at the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery as soon as the weather begins to warm. Looking forward to this. 99% of the east side of the cemetery is complete. Once that side is complete, the west side will most likely be set upon this Spring. No rest for the Albany Grave Digger!