13 April 2016

Evangelical Protestant Cemetery update

Over the past Winter much work was accomplished at the Krumkill Road Evangelical Protestant cemetery. The very mild weather enabled us to work at the cemetery for upwards of four hours once a week to reclaim its grounds from the encroaching brush. We have made significant gains and the project appears to be winding down. It is hoped that we will be finished within a month.

Aside from the initial video that was posted in November 2015 that detailed the poor conditions at the cemetery, two other videos have been posted on the blog for The Friends of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery. These short videos show a little of the work that was accomplished over the Winter but they also document the sad state of how our society's values have lowered where people feel that it is alright to illegally dump household garbage and other items in a cemetery of all places. Other actions that have taken place at the cemetery include consumption of alcohol, sexual activity, and drug usage. All of these "findings" were not documented in the videos but were found firsthand by myself.

Please check the blog for the Friends of the Evangelical Protestant cemetery for more information. Soon a new video will be created and posted to detail what was accomplished at the cemetery and what still needs to be addressed.