03 December 2015

Evangelical Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project in Albany

It is believed that the oldest visible cemetery within the city limits of Albany is the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery located on Krumkill Road. The cemetery was established in 1854. Lately, has anyone noticed the condition of the cemetery?  Well, the cemetery is being invaded by encroaching scrub brush and sapling trees. This growth is overtaking the cemetery plots that boarder its perimeter. Many of these grave sites are those of Civil War veterans.

Inside the cemetery, numerous stones have toppled over due to a variety of causes. The longer the cemetery is in this condition; the harder it will be to bring it back. More importantly the grave stones, if left as they are, will incur further damage.

A new blog and an accompanying video were created to exploit the plight of the cemetery. Its pictures and video speak loudly. The blog is Friends of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery, Albany, NY

Anyone who is interested in preserving a part of our local history should visit the blog and perhaps contact the "friends" if they are interested in helping with this worthy cause.