27 September 2015

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 39; Jacobus Mulder & 73 Dove Street

It seems that I fell behind on my weekly ancestor bios. Summer and nice weather holds lots of things to do over research and writing. But, after racing around in yesterday's Albany History Race and being very near to a home of one of my great great great grandparents located at 73 Dove Street in Center Square I decided to revisit these ancestors.

Jacobus Mulder and Klaasje Klasen Booij were both Dutch immigrants to America. Jacobus, born 7 March 1824 in Leerdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands arrived in New York aboard the "Emblem" on 24 August 1848 with his siblings and German-born parents, Christian Friedrich Moller and Ursula Muller.

Klaasje, born 14 March 1833 in Oostellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands also arrived in New York in 1847 with her siblings and parents, Klaas Booij and Geesje Raeloss Hoorn. At some point after arrival in the United States my ancestors names changed.

Klaas Booij changed to Nicholas Boyd. Geesje Raeloss Hoorn Booij became Lucretia Boyd. Their children's names changed also; Klaasje Klasen Booij was now Clara Boyd; brother Remmelt Klaus Booij became Robert Boyd; and younger brother Mense Booij was now known as Nelson Boyd.

Jacobus and Clara both Dutch immigrants met in Albany and were married on 13 July 1850 at the Madison Avenue Reformed Church. Jacobus was naturalized in Albany and became a United States citizen on 23 October 1854.
1854 Jacobus Mulder Naturalization

Soon after becoming American citizens the couple began their family which included:

  • Eugenia: (03 October 1855 - 03 March 1876)
  • John Nelson: (13 August 1858 - 12 June 1878)
  • Maria Louisa: (11 November 1859 - 19 February 1919) married Edward Kirk Hitchcock
  • Nicholas Boyd: (19 June 1862 - 03 October 1919) married Euretta E. Bates
  • James: (08 December 1873 - 06 July 1928) married Henrietta Dorothy Karl
73 Dove Street, May 2015

In the early 1870s the family purchased 73 Dove Street. Jacobus was a carver and I am curious whether his shop was on the first floor of his home. The interior photos of the home were found on the Internet when the home was previously for sale.

73 Dove Street, interior, pre 2014

73 Dove Street, interior, pre 2014

Shortly after daughter Eugenia died in March 1876 from consumption, Jacobus purchased a plot in Albany Rural Cemetery on 20 May 1876 for $50.00. 

1876 lot purchase card

On 19 December 1887, Jacobus died from pneumonia at 73 Dove Street. His wife, Clara, died on 19 February 1920 from arterio sclerosis. They are buried in the Mulder family plot at Albany Rural Cemetery.

Mulder plot in Albany Rural Cemetery