09 February 2014


The Muitzeskill area in Schodack is a quiet rural area formally an old Dutch farming community. The centerpiece of this area is the Dutch Reformed Church at the crossroads of Schodack Landing and Muitzeskill Roads. Numerous Dutch families lived in the vicinity of this area and some of them are buried in the Muitzeskill Cemetery, a hidden gem off Schodack Landing Road on private property. This cemetery has also been known as the Kittle cemetery because it is located on the former land of Nicholas Kittle.
Last Spring I asked the homeowner if I could snap some photos of the cemetery and he let me. Aside from the overgrowth, the cemetery is in very good condition. Most of its gravestones are upright and fairly readable. I believe there are over 60 gravestones. Aside from the Kittle's, Schermerhorn's, Strever's, Herrick's, and Van Valkenburg's are also buried here. The cemetery sits a good 400-500 feet off the road in thick woods/scrub-brush and it cannot be seen from the road. Below are some photos taken at the cemetery.

A view of the cemetery.

Gravestone of Nicholas Kittle.

Gravestone of Cornelius Schermerhorn.

01 February 2014

Backup your Data

Try to set a day where you backup your data, photos, and files. For me, I do this on the first of the month, every month. Actually I backup my data as I research; but I also do another monthly backup where absolutely everything is copied and saved externally. Please do not let your hard earned work become a casualty to a computer crash or virus. It can happen.