13 May 2016

Genealogy Programs at Excelsior College

Recently I discovered that the Center for Professional Development at Excelsior College offers two online non-credit certificate programs in genealogy. The courses are Genetic Genealogy and Practicum in Genealogical Research. Both courses are for 16 weeks and cost $1595.00. Excelsior is offering a 10% discount for NEHGS, NGS, or APG members. Classes begin on 6 September and the enrollment deadline is 31 August. Course descriptions can be found here. Both courses are taught by highly respected and nationally known genealogists.

12 May 2016

Upcoming Local & NYS Genealogical/Cemetery Events

This area will have quiet a few upcoming genealogy and cemetery events happening soon and into the future. A list of these events is below. Please contact the hosts if planning on attending, as costs are involved with some of these programs.

21 May 2016, at the Town of Colonie, Sanford Library, 629 Albany-Shaker Road, Loudonville
Cemeteries and Family History: Alexis Graham and Bob Posson
12:00-1:00 Interest groups
1:00-2:30 Meeting and Speaker
2:30-3:30 Computer Resources

Sitting at the computer or getting your hands dirty: cemeteries are a valuable tool for documenting genealogy lineage. Alexis will introduce us to the three most popular gravesite websites with a focus on Find a Grave. Bob will then take us through the steps of field research; you'll be surprised at the mysteries that can be solved and tender sentiments that can be uncovered in the reading and preserving of headstones for future generations.

25 June 2016, at the New York State Library, Albany
Research Tour at the New York State Library
10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Join us for a day of exploring the genealogical resources at the New York State Library and Archives. There are published genealogies, local histories, church records, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) records, United States and New York State Census records, newspapers on microfilm, city directories and much more. Orientation tours will be at 10am and 12:30pm. CDGS volunteers will be available for assistance.

  • The Friends of the New Mount Ida Cemetery will be conducting work at restoring damaged gravestones at the cemetery with professional gravestone conservator, Joe Ferrannini.
4 June 2016New Mount Ida Cemetery, Pinewoods Avenue, Troy
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

21 May 2016, at the Gardener Crematorium in Oakwood Cemetery, Oakwood Avenue, Troy
8:30 AM - 2:45 PM

30 - 31 July 2016, at the Great Camp Sagamore, Raquettte Lake, New York
Cemeteries, Materials, and Care

2016 New York State Family History Conference 
15 - 17 September 2016, at the Liverpool Holiday Inn, Syracuse

Now in its third year, the event will bring together hundreds of genealogists from across the United States to learn about their New York ancestry.

Research in Albany 2016
26 - 28 October 2016, at the New York State Library & Archives

The NYG&B's popular annual Albany research trip is Wednesday-Saturday, October 26-28, 2016. Join the New York experts, the people who know New York research best, for three days of research concentrated in the vast resources of New York State Archives (NYSA) and the New York State Library (NYSL). You'll also enjoy the camaraderie of friendly people who share your interest in family history.


13 April 2016

Evangelical Protestant Cemetery update

Over the past Winter much work was accomplished at the Krumkill Road Evangelical Protestant cemetery. The very mild weather enabled us to work at the cemetery for upwards of four hours once a week to reclaim its grounds from the encroaching brush. We have made significant gains and the project appears to be winding down. It is hoped that we will be finished within a month.

Aside from the initial video that was posted in November 2015 that detailed the poor conditions at the cemetery, two other videos have been posted on the blog for The Friends of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery. These short videos show a little of the work that was accomplished over the Winter but they also document the sad state of how our society's values have lowered where people feel that it is alright to illegally dump household garbage and other items in a cemetery of all places. Other actions that have taken place at the cemetery include consumption of alcohol, sexual activity, and drug usage. All of these "findings" were not documented in the videos but were found firsthand by myself.

Please check the blog for the Friends of the Evangelical Protestant cemetery for more information. Soon a new video will be created and posted to detail what was accomplished at the cemetery and what still needs to be addressed.

24 March 2016


It seems that I have not posted much so far in 2016. Other things have taken preference but I shall return. However my genealogy work has continued and I am still lagging in trying to get my files and papers scanned and organized better. Below are some items that I listed that I plan to do this year.

  • Blog more often
  • Continue with my genealogy research
  • Finish work at the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery by Mother's Day
  • Attempt to scan and organize genealogy files
  • Decide whether to seek accreditation or certification in genealogy

16 February 2016

John & Sophia Albert

On a day off from work, I am going through my paper files. The task is to get them organized, digitally scanned, and stored in archival albums. After collecting family papers and notes since 1980, I have amassed a large collection which desparately needs my attention. There are numerous papers in my folders that I was not aware that I had. Such as a receipt for the purchase of the plot where my great great grandparents, John and Sophia Albert are buried in Our Lady Help of Christians cemetery in Glenmont, New York. A scan is below.

Plot deed

The receipt is dated 23 November 1909. The day before Sophia Albert was buried there. It was purchased by two of her children John M. Albert and Julia Albert for $35. According to the plot card, (scan is below) the lot held twelve graves.

Plot card

Many years later on 6 June 1929, John and Julia Albert paid another $100 for perpetual care for the lot of their parents.

Perpetual care receipt

A photo of their lot is below.

Albert Headstone

John Albert (1855-1899) married Sophia Albert (1858-1909) on 13 Sept 1874 at Our Lady Help of Christians church on Second Avenue. Both were children of German immigrants from Baden. As far as I can determine, the two were not related. John was a moulder working for Ransom Stove Company, in Albany.

John & Sophia Albert

The family resided for many years at 55 Second Avenue, opposite and below their beloved church, Our Lady Help of Christians.

55 Second Avenue, 2015

Children of John and Sophia were:

  • John Michael Albert (1876-1956) married Sarah Elizabeth Baker (1884-1955)
  • Michael Alfred Albert (1877-1934)
  • Joseph Clarance Albert (1879-1936)

Joseph Clarance Albert

  • Julia Agnes Albert (1881-1969)
Julia Agnes Albert
  • Harry Alvin Albert (1883-1950)
  • Mary Margaret Albert (1886-1963) married Joseph William Koreman (1886-1979)
Mary Margaret Albert

30 January 2016

Catching Up

Wow, this is my first post in about two months. Time passes too quickly. I have been very busy with inventorying, cataloguing, and digitizing family photos and documents along with doing further genealogical research. And also helping the Friends of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery project. Winter may seem like not the right time to clean-up the cemetery, but believe me, it is. There are no bugs. It is not hot and humid. And the leaves and all greenery are dead which make for easier removal.

One very cool find for me recently was to find the marriage record of one of my 7th great grandparents, Cornelius Adriani Govaerts and Maria Corneli Boterspot. They were married on 07 January 1698 in Meerle, Belgium. Below is a scan of the original record.

Thinking about my find; it is interesting to note how many ancestors we have. In reality looking at the big picture, we really know very little of our family unless you are doing genealogical research. Below I typed some facts about how many direct ancestors we have when tracing back twelve generations.

Everyone person has
(2) parents
(4) grandparents
(8) great grandparents (1 great)
(16) great great grandparents (2 greats)
(32) great great great grandparents (3 greats)
(64) great great great great grandparents (4 greats)
(128) great great great great great grandparents (5 greats)
(256) great great great great great great grandparents (6 greats)
(512) great great great great great great great grandparents (7 greats)
(1024) great great great great great great great great grandparents (8 greats)
(2048) great great great great great great great great great grandparents (9 greats)
(4096) great great great great great great great great great great grandparents (10 greats)

These numbers are only for your direct ancestors. They do not include aunt, uncles, cousins, and spouses. Therefore when tracing your tree backwards and then forward with including all branches of all lines; we can very easily create a very large family tree.

03 December 2015

Evangelical Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project in Albany

It is believed that the oldest visible cemetery within the city limits of Albany is the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery located on Krumkill Road. The cemetery was established in 1854. Lately, has anyone noticed the condition of the cemetery?  Well, the cemetery is being invaded by encroaching scrub brush and sapling trees. This growth is overtaking the cemetery plots that boarder its perimeter. Many of these grave sites are those of Civil War veterans.

Inside the cemetery, numerous stones have toppled over due to a variety of causes. The longer the cemetery is in this condition; the harder it will be to bring it back. More importantly the grave stones, if left as they are, will incur further damage.

A new blog and an accompanying video were created to exploit the plight of the cemetery. Its pictures and video speak loudly. The blog is Friends of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery, Albany, NY

Anyone who is interested in preserving a part of our local history should visit the blog and perhaps contact the "friends" if they are interested in helping with this worthy cause.