12 October 2020

Genealogy Webinar : Dig Deep into Death Records and Further Your Family History

On Thursday evening, 15 October 2020, at 6:30 PM, the Troy Irish Genealogy Society will host a Zoom webinar titled Dig Deep into Death Records and Further Your Family History presented by Christopher White. 

The presentation will examine using obituaries, wills, cemetery records, death certificates, and more to help you move forward with your genealogical research. The webinar is free.

To join the Zoom webinar, please follow this link: 


Slingerland Vault Restoration

 If you are not familiar with the Slingerland Vault and the long process of its restoration, you should check out the website on this project. It has come a long way. Just look at the pictures below.

One last hurdle that the project needs to overcome is that the original entrance door is no longer salvageable. The vault needs a new door. Anyone wishing to donate to this worthy cause should check out the donate page on the Slingerland Vault webpage. Also, a 15 month calendar is available for purchase with all proceeds going towards the remaining items to complete this project. The calendar contains pictures both new and old and also information about sites that are along the Slingerland Historic District Walking Tour. Calendars are available at 

  • I Love Books
  • The Book House at Stuyvesant Plaza
  • The Delmar Marketplace.

26 September 2020

Hopkins Cemetery in Westerlo Restoration

Over the Summer, another small cemetery was restored. No, I did not do the work, my cousin and her friend did the work. Obviously when I found out about this cemetery I had to come out and check it out. 

The new gravestone conservators were well on their way. They cleared out the area of small saplings and scrub brush over a period of two weeks and then they were ready to start tackling the gravestones. Most of the gravestones were either broken or laying flat. When I came out; I just gave some simple pointers and tips and they did the rest. I must say that the work came out awesome!

All of the accompanying footstones were present with the gravestones.

Overall cemetery photos are below:

Some before and after photos of individual gravestones including inscriptions:

David & Lydia Lockwood

David Lockwood Headstone

Dec. 12, 1841.
aged 45 years
2 m's & 23 d's

wife of 
David Lockwood Jr.
March 6, 1847.
aged 51 years
10 m's & 13 d's


Feb. 13, 1849
aged 32 years
11 m's & 13 d's


March 25, 1849.
in his 76 year.


wife of
John Laupaugh
April 20, 1860
aged 77 years


Nov. 27, 1852.
in his 62 year.


wife of
Richard Huddleston
April 29, 1848.
aged 49 years
10 m's & 25 d's


daughter of
Lewis C. & Elizabeth
died. May 16, 1845
aged 3 mo. & 6 days

21 September 2020

New York Chapter of Palatines to America German Genealogy Society hosts Dr. Michael D. Lacopo

The New York Chapter of Palatines to America German Genealogy Society is hosting Genealogist Dr. Michael D. Lacopo as he presents four lectures on German genealogy over two days. 

Video of Michael introducing his upcoming lectures.

October 17th Agenda

  • Methods for Identifying the German Origins of American Immigrants, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Finding & Using German Church Records, 1:00 - 2:00 PM
October 24th Agenda
  • How to Overcome Brick Walls in German-American Research, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • The German Immigrant Experience in the 18th Century, 12:30 - 1:30 PM

These lectures will be conducted over ZOOM on Saturday, 17th & 24th of October.

Please see the flyer for details.

The Palatines to America German Genealogy Society is not just for research Palatine ancestors. The organization is for anyone researching their German speaking ancestors anywhere! Check them out!

Please find us on Facebook.

26 June 2020

Couse Corners Cemetery

For the past five years I knew of a hidden cemetery, the Couse Corners Cemetery in East Greenbush. However I did not know where it was located. Many times I drove by the area looking for it and also peered into the woods hoping to find it. It was a mystery.

This past Winter during one of my jaunts I saw a man working in his front yard so I stopped my truck and asked him if he was aware of this cemetery. He said "yes" and brought me to it. All of the gravestones were toppled and covered with dirt and leaves. I asked if he would mind if I restored the cemetery when the weather became warmer. He said that he would like that. The rest is history now and the cemetery is restored.

When this project began I was aware of four burials in this cemetery from data found in the rensselaer.nygenweb.net website. The four gravestones were transcribed in November 1978 by a local historian. The area around the toppled gravestones was cleared and probed. Luckily an additional gravestone and a footstone were found.

All of the gravestones were cleaned with D2 Biological Solution and reset upright proximate to where they were unearthed. Three of the gravestones were broken and one of them was broken into six pieces that I could find. A sizable portion of the left side and top of the gravestone was missing. Those pieces could not be located; so those parts of the gravestone needed to be fabricated with a lime-based mortar.

Below are pictures of the project after the gravestones were uncovered.

As work progressed, Lany's and Jane Ann's gravestone in repair.

The gravestone of Dorrithy D. Pool was transcribed in November 1978. Today much of the left side of her gravestone was missing including the beginning of her name. Her stone was broken in numerous pieces.

wife of
Daniel D. Lansing
June 13, 1841
aged 26 yrs. 3 mos.
& 8 days.

wife of
Stephen Ostrander
Jan. 8, 1846
aged 18 years
& 17 days.

Footstone of Lany C. Ostrander

wife of 
George Bishop
Sept. 30, 1838;
aged 31 y'rs & 22 days.

son of Isaac &
Eliza C Birch
July 14, 1840
aged 11 m's
& 15 d's.

son of 
Isaac & Eliza
C. Birch died
Sept. 3, 1838
aged 1 yr.
2 ms. & 7 ds.

Below is an overall view of the finished cemetery.

11 June 2020

AncestryDNA for Dad on Father's Day

Father's Day is around the corner. If Dad or Grandpa has not yet taken an AncestryDNA kit now is the time. The cost is only $59 and the sale ends on 21 June 2020. See what you can discover in your family tree with DNA!

03 June 2020

Free Record Collection During the Month of June

MyHeritage will open one of its subscription record collections to the public for free everyday during the month of June!

Below is a list of the record collections that will be available for free during June.

Collection               Country                  Number of Records                        Day
Access to these collections on the specified days will be completely free, but free registration to MyHeritage will be required for non-MyHeritage users.