01 July 2017

First of the Month Computer File Backup

This is point is mentioned again because it should be a regular routine for all computer owners whether genealogists or not. We all should back-up our computer files on a regular basis; just in case! Today I made numerous backups because for starters it is the first of the month and also because for reasons unknown to me; my computer is "acting up." Virus scans are run on a regular basis; so I do not think that is the problem. Perhaps it is the age of the laptop. It was purchased right after Hurricane Sandy hit lower New York State. So the laptop is approaching five years of age and the computer has a lot of miles on it. A new laptop purchase is probably coming in the future.

One never knows what could happen to those important files, data, and perhaps photos. Electronics can crash at anytime for a multitude of reasons such as a hard drive failure or an electric surge. Either way if this happens, bye bye to your "stuff." Years ago it happened to me and fortunately I was able to recover some data but luckily I had numerous CDs with my "stuff" saved upon them.