16 May 2017

Tombstone Tuesday : Lottie McDonald

This week's Tombstone Tuesday is on the gravestone of Lottie McDonald (1859-1871). She was the child of Barbara Helen Hitchcock (1834-1922) and Abram W. Baker (1836-1868). After Barbara's husband, Abram, passed away, she married Dr. William Ogden McDonald (1836-1918) on 05 January 1870 in Brooklyn. Lottie Baker took the surname of her step-father.

Lottie McDonald, gravestone

Lottie was only twelve years old when she died of an unknown cause on 24 March 1871. Below is a photo of Lottie's ornately carved tree gravestone with cut branches that represents a life cut short before it was cleaned with D2 Biological Solution.

Very little is known about Lottie because of her young age at the time of her death. Below is a scan of her burial card from Albany Rural Cemetery where most of the information known about her comes from.

When Lottie's mother died on 06 October 1922 in Brooklyn. It was written in her Will one of her last wishes. Below is page one of Barbara's Last Will and Testament. Please note the Second and Fourth items within the Will.