25 April 2017

Tombstone Tuesday : Baby

This week's Tombstone Tuesday focuses on a simple granite stone that reads Baby. There are actually two babies buried here. Unnamed twins, a baby girl and a baby boy who were born on 12 September 1914 and died the following day. The infants were buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri on 15 September 1915.

The infants were born to Gertrude M. Myers who was born in Clarksville, Missouri on 31 July 1877 and Joseph Charles Kelly who was born in Albany on 26 March 1870. Joseph Charles Kelly moved west to Missouri as a young boy in 1879 with his siblings and parents William Kelly and Elizabeth White Kelly.  Joseph's grandparents, Robert White and Ann Strong White, and all of his aunts and uncles except for two uncles Charles William White and Joseph White moved west with them also. Charles and Joseph remained in the Albany area.

The photo above was taken by myself last June when I took my genealogy road trip out to Kansas.