13 April 2017

Genealogy Book : Evidence Explained (48% off)

This is the first time I am posting about genealogy deals/offers. Yesterday I was notified by one of the genealogy newsletters, geneabloggers.com, that I subscribe to about a great offer on the book, Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills. This book is the genealogy citation bible. If you ever wondered how to "cite" a source that you found for your genealogical data, the answers are found in this book. Every type of source imaginable is listed with examples of how to cite the source.

Unfortunately I already own this book. Unfortunate because I paid the full price, $59.95, for the book a few years ago. Through this link the book can be purchased for $44.95. If you use the promo code TMJ17 at checkout the price will be reduced to $31.46. It is a great offer. I have no idea how long this offer will last. Check it out.