03 February 2017

2017 Video Intro

As mentioned in my first blog post for 2017, videos will soon be incorporated into this blog. The hope is to modernize, update, and make the blog fun. Everyone likes videos; but it is not as easy as it might seem. At least not for me. Aside from the video quality, sound quality might be more important. Hey, who wants to watch let alone listen to something with terrible sound? Hopefully my sound is sufficient. But, this is the first video and mainly a test.

And as I state in the video, viewers will not be subjected to watching me on a regular basis. Hahaha! Lots for me to learn. A new DSLR was purchased. Huge learning curve for me on using that. Video editing software needs to be utilized also. Fortunately, this one plus minute video was done "on the fly" with no editing needed. Until the next post, video, or documentary!