26 February 2017

NextGen Genealogy Network

Here is a quick shout-out for a relatively new online genealogical network for younger genealogists, the NextGen Genealogy Network. The group formed in 2013 to create a community for young genealogists. The individuals who run the network are volunteers who aim to build connections between fellow genealogists. I joined the community about one year ago and finally was able to partake in one of its Google Hangout discussions. They seem like a great group of fun genealogists. Check them out sometime. I plan to get more involved with this group. They can be found on various web sites such as:

Web page
YouTub channel

19 February 2017

Mount Ida Cemetery Vandalism Follow-Up

A few weeks back I posted that recently numerous tires were illegally dumped in the Mount Ida Cemetery on Pawling Avenue in Troy. Troy police and other city officials were notified of the dumping. After volunteering my efforts to help clean the mess, I was told that the police did not even realize that the property is city owned. Immediately an attempt to "pass the buck" was made. However due to persistent and persuasive individuals living in the vicinity of the cemetery, I am told that the tires were removed by the city and that now the gates to enter the cemetery at the care takers building are now chained and locked. This appears to be what it takes to stop fools from desecrating burial grounds. Hopefully the public will be able to enter the cemetery grounds when Spring arrives.

March Genealogy Program in Clifton Park

Another local genealogy program is scheduled for 2 March 2017. Details are below:

Genealogy Assistance
When: Thu, Mar 2, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM
Where: Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library, 475 Moe Road, Clifton Park, NY 12065
For further info: 518.371.8622

Genealogical researcher Lisa Dougherty will be here to help you with your questions, roadblocks, and other stumpers. Drop in with questions from 11 to 12, and then stay for the roundtable discussion starting at noon. No registration is required. Please call the Library at 371-8622 for more information.

18 February 2017

Upcoming Genealogy Conference

An upcoming genealogy conference will be held in Springfield, Massachusetts in April. It is sponsored by the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium. Below is further information cut and pasted from their web site.

Register Now for our April 2017 Conference!
Early Bird Pricing Applies Until February 28, 2017.
While many think of “NERGC” as a Conference, it is really much more. Originally formed over twenty years ago, NERGC is an association of genealogical societies seeking to bring affordable, cutting edge, National quality genealogical education within the reach of New England genealogists and family historians at an affordable regional price.
Our 2017 Conference will be held April 26-29 at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA. Wednesday will be filled with special tracks and events. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be the featured days of the conference with many presentations, a large exhibit hall, meals, networking, and plenty of ‘cousin finding’!
Thomas MacEntee, F. Warren Bittner, and Kenyatta D. Berry will be our featured speakers – presenting several times throughout the conference and possibly also at banquets, each brings a unique expertise to our event.

To date, NERGC has produced thirteen conferences in every state in New England. Attendance at each of the past six conferences has exceeded 700, with 720 attending the 2005 Portland conference, 745 in Hartford in 2007, 739 in Manchester in 2009, and 830 in Springfield in 2011. The 2015 conference had just under 1,000 attendees, speakers, and exhibitors on hand.

03 February 2017

2017 Video Intro

As mentioned in my first blog post for 2017, videos will soon be incorporated into this blog. The hope is to modernize, update, and make the blog fun. Everyone likes videos; but it is not as easy as it might seem. At least not for me. Aside from the video quality, sound quality might be more important. Hey, who wants to watch let alone listen to something with terrible sound? Hopefully my sound is sufficient. But, this is the first video and mainly a test.

And as I state in the video, viewers will not be subjected to watching me on a regular basis. Hahaha! Lots for me to learn. A new DSLR was purchased. Huge learning curve for me on using that. Video editing software needs to be utilized also. Fortunately, this one plus minute video was done "on the fly" with no editing needed. Until the next post, video, or documentary!