31 July 2016

Evangelical Protestant Cemetery Update

Summer is here and much work has been accomplished at Albany's Evangelical Cemetery on Krumkill Road. Numerous gravestones have been repaired, cleaned, and up righted. A full update as to what has been happening at the cemetery can be found on the blog of the Friends of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery.

Aside from cemetery restoration work, I am still researching my genealogy. Haven't blogged in a while do to being busy with other things; but an exciting recent find in my genealogy research was to find the marriage record for one of my 10th great grandparents, Walterus Adrianus van Spreuwel and Adriana Adrianus Joannes Tijmans. They were married in Hilvarenbeek, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands on 24 November 1598. The year of their births are being estimated to be circa 1575. I must admit that my belief that genealogy records from the Netherlands and Belgium are bar none some of the best around. Many of their records are available online at various Dutch archives on the net. Indexes and actual scans of the original records are available most of the time. A list of online Dutch resources will be posted at a later date.

Finally, a June solo genealogy road trip to Kansas City/Wellsville/Hayes Township Kansas was very productive. Much info was gained from the trip and I was also able to meet one of my distant cousins, Terry. I am still in the process of going over this info, scanning items, and recording data in my genealogy software. A full synopsis of the trip and its findings will be the focus of an upcoming blog post.