17 April 2015

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 12; Aistroppe Robinson Hitchcock

With work and the warmer weather here now, I am playing catch up on this 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks program. For this week I am changing their theme for the week of "how do you spell that?" to "how do you pronounce that name?" I will write about my gggg grandfather, Aistroppe Robinson Hitchcock. Personally, I am glad that I was not named after him.

Aistroppe was born on 15 September 1810 in West Troy, New York; now Watervliet to Captain James Hitchcock (1785 - 1858) and Peggy Meneely (c. 1790 - c. 1818). He was baptized on 03 February 1811 in Troy at the First Presbyterian Church. I believe that Aistroppe was named after a brother-in-law to James Hitchcock. In the First Presbyterian Church records, a marriage took place on 08 August 1804 between Eliza Hitchcock and Aistroppe Robinson. I believe that Eliza was a sister of Captain James. The names and time frames fit and where would his parents come up with that name also?

Siblings of Aistroppe include:

  • Andrew Meneely (1808 - 1883) married Charlotte Crowner
  • Alexander (1812 - 1871) married Abigail Irena Hanks
  • Marion or Mary Ann (1814 - ?)
  • James Harvey (1816 - 1894) married 1st Juliette Harriet Fuller, 2nd Mary E. Fuller
  • Eleanor Levina (1818 -  ?)
Aistroppe's mother Peggy died possibly shortly after Eleanor Levina's birth. James started another family with his deceased wife's younger sister Eleanor Meneely (1804 - 1888). They were married on 28 July 1821. Their children included:
  • Frances Juliet (1822 - 1899) married Aaron Clinton
  • Emily H. (c. 1830 - ?) married John K. Quail
  • Amelia G. (c. 1834 - 1892) married John U. Learned
  • Ellen M. (1840 - 1929) married Carlos Carpenter Pope
  • Edward Payson (c. 1842 - a. 1879)
A page from the Hitchcock Bible

On 13 April 1883 at the North Reformed Church in Gibbonsville (Watervliet), Aistroppe married Margaret Ann Sickman (1812 - 1892) daughter of Henry Sickman and Elizabeth Waltz (1769 - 1861). Their children included:
  • James Henry (1834 - 1886) married Caroline Gertrude Ruenburgh
  • Edward Newton Kirk (1837 - 1840)
  • Edward Newton Kirk (1842 - 1842)

Aistroppe and family resided in West Troy for many years before moving to Albany and purchasing a house at 198 Green Street sometime before 1855. In 1850, still residing in West Troy, Aistroppe was listed as an ironworker, perhaps at the Watervliet Arsenal. He was mainly found in Albany city directories as a machinist; but later was listed as an armorer for the 10th Regiment.

At age 51, on 21 October 1861, Aistroppe enlisted in the 44th Regiment of the New York State Volunteers as a Fife Major. According to his widow's pension application papers, he was suffering from a double hernia; which could explain why he was honorably discharged on 10 April 1862.

Aistroppe died on 06 May 1876. As mentioned, Aistroppe was a musician and was a noted fife player. Below is a transcript of his obituary from the 08 May 1876 issue of the Albany NY Evening Times.

Death of "Bob"Hitchcock
A.R. Hitchcock better know as "Bob" Hitchcock, the veteran fifer died at his residence 198 Green street at 11 o'clock Saturday night of apoxlexy.  He retired to bed at 10 o'clock in apparent good health but in one hour was a corpse.  He was sixty-five years old and leaves a wife and son.  He has blown the fife for upwards of fifty years, served in the late war, and was ell and favorably known all over the country.  His death will be sincerely mourned.  He was armorer of the Tenth regiment at the time of his death and a member of Doring's band, which latter organization was to tender him a complimentary concert in Tweddle hall on the 24th inst. the concert will take place as announced and the proceeds given to Mr. Hitchcock's family. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from his late residence. The funeral arrangement are in the bands of Post 5 G.A.R., Doring's band will attend as mouners and Amtg's Tenth regiment band will furnish the music.  The following list of mourners was singularly prepared by Mr. Hitchcock March 25th Asa K. Patten, Brad Frost, Stephen Schreiber, H. Golirey, Frank Doring, Peter Klein, John Nidock, and John Wilkes.

The following circular was been issued from brigade headquarters:
Albany, May 8, 1876 {Circular}
The general commanding 9th Brigade N.G. learning with profound regret that A. Robinson Hitchcock reg identified with the National guard as a soldier and armorer of the Tenth regiment has been suddenly removed by death requests the members of his command to attend the funeral of the deceased as a mark of respect to his memory.
D.M. Woodhall (Brig.-Gen.)

J.S. Dickerman (Lieut.-Col. & A.A.G.)
Also the following by Post 5:
G.A.R. Albany May 8, 1876

Comrades of this post and also those of Post 63 and 121 are hereby requested to meet at Post headquarters tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 1 o'clock for the purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to our late Comrade A.R. Hitchcock.  Comrades will parade in citizens' dress with white gloves.
By order, Oscar Smith, Post Commander

Chas. E. Gavtz, Adjutant

Aistroppe Robinson Hitchcock was buried in the Albany Rural Cemetery on 09 May 1876. Note, on his tombstone is the relief of a fife.

Aistroppe Robinson Hitchcock, gravestone

16 April 2015

Andrew Meneely; 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 11

This week's ancestral biography is on Andrew Meneely. Much has been written on him regarding his world renown bell foundry and his apprenticeship to Julius Hanks. I am not going to write about his bell manufactory. I'll stick with basic genealogical facts on his family. He was a younger brother to my ggggg grandmother, Peggy Meneely. Andrew was born in West Troy, now Watervliet, on 19 May 1802 to Andrew James Meneely and Eleanor Cobb.

Andrew and Eleanor were Irish immigrants who came to America in the 1780s. The exact date is presently unknown. They raised their family in West Troy and had the following children:

  • John, born circa 1788
  • Peggy, born circa 1790
  • Mary, born circa 1797
  • Andrew, born 19 May 1802
  • Elenor, born 13 May 1804
  • James S., born 24 November 1806
Andrew Meneely

Father, Andrew James Meneely died in September 1806 and mother Eleanor died in 1827.  Andrew married Philena Hanks (19 October 1803 - 25 June 1887) on 10 November 1826 in Mansfield, Tolland County Connecticut. Andrew and Philena had a large family with numerous children who died under the age of seven. Their children included:

  • Eleanor Sophronia, (18 August 1827 - 20 September 1853)
  • Edwin Andrew, (12 November 1828 - 15 January 1887)
  • Olive Eugenia, (23 December 1829 - 12 August 1830)
  • George Rodney, (15 March 1831 - 23 October 1915)
  • Olive Eugenia, (03 January 1833 - 13 August 1837)
  • Henry Clinton, (06 March 1834 - 12 May 1835)
  • Henry Clinton, (07 June 1836 - 06 August 1837)
  • Eugenia Philena, (16 January 1838 - 26 June 1859)
  • Clinton Hanks, (26 December 1839 - 01 July 1923)
  • Juliett Augusta, (22 October 1842 - 25 August 1849)

In the late 1840s, Andrew became ill with consumption and died on 14 October 1851 and was buried in Albany Rural Cemetery. A photo of his large burial lot is below.

Andrew Meneely burial lot at Albany Rural Cemetery

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 10; Favorite Picture

Last week's theme for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks was to write about a favorite picture. I cannot say exactly that the photo below is a favorite picture but I like it anyways. Left to right are John Joseph Aloysius Gannon, 1887 - 1961 (my great grandfather); his son, John Joseph Gannon, 1914 - 1975 (my granduncle); and his brother-in-law, George Edward Kirk White, 1910 - 1982 (my grandfather).

This picture is circa 1953. Was it staged? Probably. Were they having a good time? Yes. Were they really drinking? Definitely!

John Joseph Aloysius Gannon, John Joseph Gannon, George Edward Kirk White
Father, son, & son-in-law